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1. These are the official set of rules for, approved by all Team members and come into force immediately upon publication.
2. By visiting you agree to act in accordance to these rules.
3. It is assumed that you have read these rules completely when visiting this website and ignorance of any rule cannot be used as an excuse for not following them.
4. Past Posts, previous to the publication of the new rules, will gradually be converted to meet the new criteria.

General Rules

1. Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.
2. Any Post, Request, Submitted Link or Shoutbox Comment containing , Pornography, Xenophobic, Spam, Virus or any offensive language material will not be tolerated.
3. Anything that leads to download links at other websites will not be tolerated.
4. Any Post, Request, Submitted Link, Shoutbox Comment or any other way of communication to this website has to be written in English.
5. We reserve the right to edit any part of without notice or justification (including the Rules).
6. Any subject not included at these Rules will be discussed by Team in due time.
7. Exceptions to the Rules in very specific cases are possible but only after Team discussion and consequent approval.

Request Rules

1. We are not obliged by any grounds to fulfil any request that has been or will be submitted.
2. DO NOT Request:
* For Appz: Freeware or anything that can do potential damage material.
* For Games: Freeware material, or Trailers.
* For Movies: Pornography material, Trailers
* For TV-Series: episodes of airing TV-Series unless 24 hours have passed from airing date, Trailers,
3. Subbed or Dubbed Movies, CAM, TS, TC or any other low quality releases can only be Requested if no better quality is available.
4. We gradually work through the ???Request List???, not on a ???first come, first served??? basis but on the ???availability and possibility??? basis.
5. Requests can be made using either our Shoutbox or the Contact Form at the top right-hand corner on any page.
6. Preference will be given to requests being made using the Contact Form.
7. Your request MUST include (ideally in that sequence):
* For Appz: complete name of the Application (version number is optional) and link to the developer(s)/publisher(s) page.
* For Games: complete name of the Game and link to its official webpage (if not available any Info game web site is acceptable).
* For Movies: complete name of the Movie and IMDB link (for Director???„?s Cut, Extended, Uncut or Unrated versions also provided the respective Amazon link).
* For TV-Series: complete name of the TV-Series, season/episode number, IMDB link , or any TV Info website
* For Sports and DOCUs: the full scene release name (including the release group) of a documentary or a sports' event. It is not enough to include only the name of the documentary or a name of a sports' event and info link, only the full release name must be included.
10. If your request is not in compliance with our rules it will be deleted immediately
11. If your request has all the necessary information then it will be added to our request list as soon as possible. This would usually happen within 1-3 days from the time we receive the request.
12. If you do not follow the ???3-day waiting rule??? all your previous requests will be deleted.

Tag Board Rules

1. Shoutbox use is for website related topics only.
2. For Shoutbox Requests read Requests Rules.
3. If you are reporting a problem with any links on this site you must include a link to the post where this link is located
4. Shoutbox is not for chat use. Shoutbox is for short messages only. Do not post 2-3 short messages in a sequence. Instead, post one slightly longer message.
5. Any Shoutbox Moderator reserves the right to delete any comment without notice and justification.
6. Any disrespect to a Shoutbox Moderator will result in the user ban.
7. Any deviation from Rules at the Shoutbox will not be tolerated.
8. We are not a helpline for FlashGet or
9 Using the same name (or very similar) as any Team Member is not allowed and will most likely result in that user name being removed.
11. If it will come to our attention that the same ban users are posting under different names, we will seek further action against them.
12. Posting links to other sites that have links posted explicitly or displayed in any other fashion is strictly forbidden.
13. If you believe that you have been banned for no reason then please get in touch with us using the contact form in the top right hand corner of any page and we will take things further from there.
14. All Rules obviously apply to Shoutbox use and MUST be followed

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